Monday, August 9, 2010

Why do I need Jesus?

By Carl Holland
Carl's Words of Inspiration
First of all, God's standard is perfection.  There is not a single human being that can claim to be perfect.  Any reasonable person should readily admit that they are not perfect.  God's Word even tells us in Romans 3:23 "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."  Simply put, anything that does not line up with God's standard is sin.  If none of us are perfect, then we are all sinners and cannot be in His presence.  That's the bad news, but if we look expand the Romans passage to include verses 22 through 24 we see that there is GOOD NEWS around that.  Romans 3:22-24 "This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus."  God the Father sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to be sin FOR US, to take the punishment we deserve.  Jesus is fully human, yet fully divine.  He lived a completely sinless life on this earth to show us the way, was executed though He committed no crime, and arose from the dead on the third day just as He said He would.  If we simply TRUST Him, that He died in our place to redeem us, or "buy us back," to eternal life, then God imputes, or gives to us or attributes to us, the righteousness of Jesus.  We are justified (just-if-I'd never sinned) by His grace, or undeserved favor, that He sees us as perfect through the sacrifice of His Only Son that we can enter His presence and live with Him in glory FOREVER!  There is no secret formula to it.  It's simply a matter of TRUSTING Jesus that what He did with His death, burial, and resurrection was completely sufficient and there is nothing else that we can add to it.  There IS a Hell, but God doesn't "send" us there.  All of our souls will live forever, but we only have this lifetime on Earth to CHOOSE for ourselves where our soul will spend eternity.  God is calling ALL of us to Him.  What is your answer?

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